Are you constantly telling about your spouse what to do and not what to do? Are you constantly degrading your spouse because of what he/she did was wrong or what he/she did was not in line of your own action? Does it feels like you’re just repeating yourself all over again? If so then you’re a nagger!


If you think that constantly nagging with your spouse about the dirty dishes or a about the garbage that your spouse forgot to throw or clean will help him/her remember it then you’re wrong, it is not the way how it works. In fact saying it all over again may cause anger and frustration.


There are 3 types of nagging that you may fell into


Critical nagging – this type of nagging is the type of constantly butting in when your spouse have not even asked for any help that he/she needs. You’re always claiming that you know everything and all what your spouse doing was wrong.


In this kind of situation the best move that you can do is just to stay calm and let your spouse ask for help that he/she needed. You can also offer him/her for assistance but dont ever butt in to a thing that your spouse is doing.


Hostile nagging – This type of nagging is when your upset and your significant other didn’t realize it, and when he doesn’t come to help you immediately you turn more upset and finished the job more faster.  When the time that he came to help you has come, he gets mad because you finished the job and didn’t really needs his help but you’re mad at him because of not helping you out in the task.


The best way for this is to wait for him to help you or just ask your spouse to kindly help you right now because you need some assistance.


Anxious nagging – This type of nagging is when you have something to do and ask your spouse for a help but in the end of the day he/she didn’t help you, you get angry for his lack of help. To which your spouse said that you just need to calm down and he’ll help you finished it.


The best thing you can do for this kind of nagging is to just set a date of when you will finish the job. Stop nagging to get the job done.


There are 5 main effects of nagging in a relationship. Nagging is considered to be the ultimate killer of a relationship, and right now we will talk about the 5 effects of nagging in a relationship. But did you know nagging is the result of poor communication. Nagging is one of the sign that you don’t trust your spouse.


5 Effects of nagging in a relationship:


1.)  Nagging may cause your partner to ignore you, and can cause to lack of communication between you and your spouse. Your decision making maybe affected too because of your lack of communication and instead of finding a way to fix it you’re more busy of finding faults about your spouse.


2.) It may cause your partner to lose motivation about all the things that he/she is doing. This is when your spouse discover that everything that he/she did is wrong for your eyes, or you’re just constantly finding a fault about the things that your spouse is doing. When this happens your spouse will be more careful in approaching the things that he/she is doing, just to satisfy you.


3.) This one is simple, nagging is just creating arguments in your relationship. You both focus on nagging and continue to argue about all the things that doesnt matter at all instead of fixing other things that are relevant to your relationship. We all know that arguments are bad for a relationship and can cause to a deeper problem. So as soon as possible stop the nagging and focus on things that are more relevant to both of you.


4.) Nagging yield no results to your relationship, if you think that nagging will help you resolve everything then you’re wrong. You’re nagging wont achieve anything, it will just make things more complicated and may cause to a bigger fight that would be impossible to solved.


5.) No more fun in the relationship. When both of you are feeling irritated to each other and don’t feel like spending more time together. Spends more time with your friends and apart to your partner. And the worse thing is you sleep on separate rooms and eat at a different table of different times. The fun is not there and its not like before.


Nagging is extremely damaging to your marriage. As a woman, you need to recognize if you’re being a nag, and you should stop it because it may cause you a larger scale of fights that you dont want to happen. And there are some cases that nagging causes a marriage. Yes a divorce!! And if you are on situation you should take action to save your marriage.


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