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How to save a marriage when she wants out?

  You being here means that your wife is asking you for a divorce. I don’t know the reason of this or maybe there is no reason at all or what you called “out of the blue”.   I know this feeling and I know that it is scary when your spouse suddenly ask you for a divorce and telling that she wants to leave you.   Having this kind of unease feeling can distract you physically and emotionally. At this point you’ll do everything you can to save the marriage. But, what if your wife said that “I’m...

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Save the marriage system review By Dr. Lee Baucom: My Honest review (User experience)

  Hi my name is Jane the owner of “saving marriage from divorce”, I’m not one of those Professional in relationship advising that know about all the theory of “Love and Marriage”.  BUT I’m one of those people who actually tried this “save the marriage system”   You guess right, my marriage has come to a nearly divorce experience.   During this time  I was depressed, emotionally and physically tired of everything. Thinking of what to do to save our marriage that is coming to an end. I personally don’t want our marriage to end with a divorce after all the experiences and happy moments with our two children.   And during this time I encountered this product that I was skeptical at first because of all the promises and positive sides when you buy it, and this is the “Save the marriage system”.   During that time it was my first time to look for a digital product that can help me save my marriage on a brink of divorce. I really don’t believe the product at first because it was to good to be true and it’s cheap compare to a marriage counseling service.   But I also red that It has a 60 day money back guarantee if it don’t work. By this time I really don’t care about the cost of it or if it has...

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8 tips on how to save a marriage on the brink of divorce

  “Note: all the content that you will be reading here is all base on my personal experiences and your situation is maybe different from my experience. So please still read this blog and I hope that this blog can help you about your marriage problems.   -Jane”   All couples goes through a rough times and through that rough time we can make a decision if your relationship is going to continue or you’ll just have to end it. We as married couple has gone through this times too. There are countless night of fights and arguments that I just wish to be over because it’s tiring physically and emotionally, if you’re in this kind of situation you know what I’m talking about.   Sometimes I’m asking my self if the marriage is worth saving for? And every time that I ask it I always remember all the happy times that we made together with our children. Those late night movies , the out of town dates and every good memories that we made.   However those good memories can cause you a lot of trouble. The thought of “Happily ever after” is always in our mind to often. We never see what we should really do to keep our marriage going. We always feel comfortable and everything is going to be fine, and suddenly it was not....

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5 Effects of nagging in a relationship

  Are you constantly telling about your spouse what to do and not what to do? Are you constantly degrading your spouse because of what he/she did was wrong or what he/she did was not in line of your own action? Does it feels like you’re just repeating yourself all over again? If so then you’re a nagger!   If you think that constantly nagging with your spouse about the dirty dishes or a about the garbage that your spouse forgot to throw or clean will help him/her remember it then you’re wrong, it is not the way how it works. In fact saying it all over again may cause anger and frustration.   There are 3 types of nagging that you may fell into   Critical nagging – this type of nagging is the type of constantly butting in when your spouse have not even asked for any help that he/she needs. You’re always claiming that you know everything and all what your spouse doing was wrong.   In this kind of situation the best move that you can do is just to stay calm and let your spouse ask for help that he/she needed. You can also offer him/her for assistance but dont ever butt in to a thing that your spouse is doing.   Hostile nagging – This type of nagging is when your upset and...

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How to save a marriage when he wants out

  Sometimes It is hard when you’re the only one who’s saving your marriage and it feels like you’re carrying the entire world. You feel helpless, frustrated, and sometimes depressed. You might think of giving up but you really want to save the marriage that you protected for years, and might even think that it is impossible to be saved.   It is more difficult when your other one is always saying that it is already over and he/she wants a divorce, and always getting angry when you want to talk about it. He yells at you or sometimes shows no emotion at all that telling that he/she don’t care anymore.   What makes it worse is when your spouse  who wants out is right when he says that your trying to save the marriage pushes him away rather than making him stay.   But the question is : Is it still possible to save the marriage even when he wants out? My answer is YES. It is possible to save the marriage. Many couples have been in this kind of situation. Me too has come to this point when my husband wants out. But I never gave up.  It is true that most couple got divorce, but doesn’t mean you’re on that losing side too. There will always be a way to save your marriage and even make...

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how to save a marriage on the brink of divorce

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