Sometimes It is hard when you’re the only one who’s saving your marriage and it feels like you’re carrying the entire world. You feel helpless, frustrated, and sometimes depressed. You might think of giving up but you really want to save the marriage that you protected for years, and might even think that it is impossible to be saved.


It is more difficult when your other one is always saying that it is already over and he/she wants a divorce, and always getting angry when you want to talk about it. He yells at you or sometimes shows no emotion at all that telling that he/she don’t care anymore.


What makes it worse is when your spouse  who wants out is right when he says that your trying to save the marriage pushes him away rather than making him stay.


But the question is : Is it still possible to save the marriage even when he wants out?

My answer is YES. It is possible to save the marriage. Many couples have been in this kind of situation. Me too has come to this point when my husband wants out. But I never gave up.  It is true that most couple got divorce, but doesn’t mean you’re on that losing side too. There will always be a way to save your marriage and even make him beg for you.

So how did I fix my marriage?

Before answering that question you should follow the step written below. In what you should avoid and what you should do to save your marriage on a brink of divorce.


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So what are the things that you should avoid to save your marriage?


Things to be avoided

1. Don’t quit too early.

There is a saying that a quitter never wins. And in my opinion this is true. It’s more okay to fight till the end and lose than to quit at the middle of a fight. But sometimes there are some friends or relatives that are telling you to quit it already because it was hopeless for you to fix. But listen to me DON’T EVER QUIT if you really want your spouse back. There are many marriage that has been saved even if it was claimed impossible to be saved, it is because they never gave up on their spouse.


The problem with other relationship ship is that they quit to early even if there are tons of way on how to save a marriage on a brink of divorce. Quitting will not bring your spouse back. So PLEASE remember to not quit too early.


2. Don’t BEG for your spouse to stay

Sometimes when you really want to save  your marriage you push harder, demand more,  Or even Beg for your spouse to stay. Most people do this out of desperation because they love their spouse so much and they want to save the marriage.


Unfortunately this won’t work. And this kind of way will just let him be more meaner to you. No one is attractive when he or she is begging, and crying for their spouse to comeback. When we humans wants to help a people in pain, but we don’t want to help people who’s pain is caused by ourself.


3. Allowing yourself to be manipulated


You can give in to your spouse demands. Listen to your spouse and follow your partner’s instructions won’t help you save your marriage. Most of the cases are like this, they never seek for proper help and fix the marriage by themselves.


Some people may just follow their spouse and let them be manipulated. I would say being manipulated by your spouse is not good in this kind of situation.


What will actually work to save your marriage


1. Stay for a little bit longer

As I said don’t quit too early. Most people mistakes are they quit too early before their marriage is to be fix. I have encountered many cases where they just chose to quit because it was hard rather than to continue and save the marriage.


We all know that giving up will not help your marriage to be fix. But I totally understand the pain on your heart when you hang in there. I’ve been there  before and I know it was not easy. Always remember that there is always a way for you to save your failing marriage. Staying for a bit longer will help you determine what you should do next to save your failing marriage.


2. Work on yourself

There are four aspects of being attractive it is by physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual, or what we called PIES. This four aspects of being attractive is the most relevant thing to do rather than begging your spouse to comeback.


As I told earlier begging your spouse to comeback will only get things worse, and may cause a immediate divorce.


The physical attraction is easy to understand, make your self more attractive if you want to be physically attractive, For example: Go to the gym to be fit, or dress well so your spouse can recognize you and such thing. There are many way to be physically attractive.


Intellectual attraction means that you should have enough incommon to each other or you understand each other very well. Having married means you know your spouse well and what decision he/she can make. And you can take this as your advantage.


Emotional attraction is the way you make your spouse feel at you. As I told earlier begging for your spouse is just making things worse. In this emotional attraction there are things that you should do to save your marriage if he wants out, for example: make your spouse happy, make him feel safe, comfortable and so on. Make some memorable experience but dont make him control or manipulate you.


Spiritual attraction doesn’t define that you should have the same religion. Spiritual attractions comes on the same of belief and values that a person holds, and both couples should have a both spiritual belief.


3. Show your acceptance and be understanding as you can be


You should fully accepted what your spouse and this is important to your relationship. Having that feeling to be  accepted is one of the best things that you can do to make your spouse happy and im sure they will feel loved. But accepting your spouse to leave is not the thing you want to happened nor accept. But understanding your spouse feeling or decisions and accepting it without any arguements or complications can develop your long lasted relationship again.


Your spouse wont leave you if he/she have no reasons to leave you. In my advice, find the cause of all this arguments. Maybe he/she is not satistfied with something or your not satistfied with him/her and your spouse feels like incomplete because of that. Apply all of this methods and your marriage can be save too.


It may look easy at first applying this methods. But trust me it isn’t it will take some time and efforts to get your spouse back.


In Conclusion

This method works really well. I have seen marriage to be fixed including mine with the method above. This method is not a magic, It is hard and very tiring but its worth it if you really want to save your marriage on a brink of divorce.


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