This is my second blog post on How to save a marriage on a brink of divorce and here are some tips that maybe useful for you and may help you to achieve the relationship that you want, and finally be happy with your partner.

When it comes to marriage, divorce is the F word that we hate. If you’re on the verge of divorce, you might be thinking of some of useful tips on how you can save your marriage on a brink of divorce.

I have been on this situation too. But all I can say is if you want to save your marriage from the brink of a divorce you should take action. Nothing will happen if you didn’t take any action and if you decided to take action here are my tips for you that actually helps our marriage to be save from a brink of a divorce.

Stop being a Victim

I may be too harsh on this one. But stop being a victim on your relationship it won’t help you bring back the marriage that you kept for a long time. You two are part of this marriage; you shouldn’t blame each other for all the things that went wrong.  What you can do instead is stay on the positive side of your marriage.

If you ask if “what if there’s no more positive side on it?” trust me there is.

If you saw a positive side on your marriage it’s good, just remember all the good things that happened on your journey as a couple and try to repeat it. “Showing” is always better than “telling” and it will make your husband more confident in you if he can see that you’ve change for the better.

Take out the trash

This time it may sound weird, but both of you should make a list about the problems and bitterness that affecting your marriage.  Go through the list one by one and search for some misunderstanding and what you can do to make it better to avoid a divorce.

Apologize for your mistakes; this is not the time for your pride.  If you really want to save your marriage from a brink of divorce this is just easy for you.


One of the biggest parts of making a marriage work is compromise. Both you and your partner should be prepared to make an accommodation for each other. If you’re both willing to compromise, you can find a middle ground that will help you please each other.  You don’t need a marriage counselor to guide you.

We personally never go to a marriage counselor when we were trying to fix to save our marriage from a brink of divorce. But we did find some help to fix it. It’s a digital product called “saving the marriage system” but I will not talk about it in this blog post. If you want to know what’s that product that help our marriage to be save from a brink of divorce. You can check this blog post.

Take a break

Sometimes both of you should just take a break. This will help both of you think about your mistakes and gather up emotions. Taking a break for a week of two would be fine to free your relationship with stress.  This will help you evaluate where your relationship are going and if you really want to save it from a brink of divorce.


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