Hi my name is Jane the owner of “saving marriage from divorce”, I’m not one of those Professional in relationship advising that know about all the theory of “Love and Marriage”.  BUT I’m one of those people who actually tried this “save the marriage system


You guess right, my marriage has come to a nearly divorce experience.


During this time  I was depressed, emotionally and physically tired of everything. Thinking of what to do to save our marriage that is coming to an end. I personally don’t want our marriage to end with a divorce after all the experiences and happy moments with our two children.


And during this time I encountered this product that I was skeptical at first because of all the promises and positive sides when you buy it, and this is the “Save the marriage system”.


During that time it was my first time to look for a digital product that can help me save my marriage on a brink of divorce. I really don’t believe the product at first because it was to good to be true and it’s cheap compare to a marriage counseling service.


But I also red that It has a 60 day money back guarantee if it don’t work. By this time I really don’t care about the cost of it or if it has a money back guarantee. All I want to know is if the product works or not.


At the end of the day, I bought the “save the marriage system”  due to curiosity.

And today I will right an HONEST REVIEW about the “Save the marriage system” to provide value and to help you fix your marriage too.

What is the save the marriage system?


Saving the marriage system review


The save the marriage system is a Good comprehensive bundle that has a e book and audio material on it. It is designed to save marriage of any kind of situation, no matter how hopeless the situation is and even if you’re the only one trying to save your marriage.

As a user of this product I can’t say that this is the best saving marriage product out there but I can say that it can work.


It works on me, I saved my marriage on a brink of divorce with such a hopeless chance of getting back together. So what are the chances of this working on you too?


The entire course of the Save the marriage system is created by Dr. Lee Baucom. A marriage and family therapist with over 26 years of experience on this industry.


As I said earlier I just both the product because I’m so desperate saving our marriage and I found out that Dr. Lee Bausom is an expert on his field that’s why this product is so good.


I have a question for you. Do you trust a Nutritionist who is overweight or smoking cigarette?  A gym instructor but no muscles at all? And a marriage counselor who’s giving you advice but is single?


If you’re trusting those kind of person then stop reading this.


Fortunately, Dr. Baucom has been married for almost 26 years and has two wonderful children and has a beautiful life.


And if those qualifications don’t assure you then here’s more, Dr. Baucom has two master’s degrees and a ph. D. related to marriage and family counseling.


I don’t know all of this at first, but this explains why the Save the marriage system is working so well to everyone.


The Complete Save the marriage system package include:

  • Four modules of written information including the main core e-book “save the marriage”
  • Two bonus e-books
  • Two bonus audio books

Saving the marriage system review

If you think that this material is too many to wade through. Just think about your marriage, and saving it with this product. It will sound too little for you.


But don’t worry if this save the marriage system sound a lot. The entire system is summarize and explained very well in the 159 page of core e-book “Save the marriage”


The other materials can really be considered as a supplements which is just explaining every main ideas of the main e-book so you can have a better understanding of it if you feel lost.


Plus the writing and the content of it is fun and enjoyable to read and listen. Dr. Lee Baucom is not your typical college professor  who is boring and pure of theory that we don’t know if it really works.


Dr. Lee Baucom is using a real world experiences that actually happens so this makes the e-book not boring  and easy to relate too.


The material is written in a results-oriented way. Which everyone can easily understand.


If you have enough of my review and now curious if this products really works, and finding where to buy this product.


You can click the button below and watch the video or just CLICK HERE.


Now all I was saying is this products works for me so well. But now I will go into every details of the  Save the marriage system to find out if this marriage saving product is good for your situation.


Is The Save the marriage system Right solution for you?


Saving the marriage system review


Dr. Lee baucom creator of the Save the marriage system says that they can fix any marriage on any kind of situation. (which I think its true) — But there’s ONE important exception.


Dr. Baucom stresses out that  this course shouldn’t be use if you have a abusive relationship.


For the sole reason that this kind of marriage is not one worth saving for. And should not try to be save. Rather, getting in to safety is the only correct decision to be made.


And if you’re not in this kind of marriage then you are good to go.


The information inside the course if for every type of situation:

  • Spouses who no longer live together with you
  • You’re the only one trying
  • Who live together as “roommate”
  • Who are in the brink of divorce.

And etc. I cant name all of the situation because it will take me too much time to write it all.




As i said earlier you can save your marriage with this course even if you’re the only one trying and you read it right.


If your spouse has completely run out of emotion and you cant feel the love anymore. I can say that this is the PERFECT product for you.


This is because marriage is not just two individuals who is together. But marriage is a system.


As said by Dr. Lee Baucom, When you change or alter a part of a system, the entire system will eventually change.


And this is true base on my experience. I changed the system on my favor and my marriage became lively as ever. But of course this is not a over night change. It takes some time and effort to do it.


What’s inside the Save the marriage system and how does it work?


Save the marriage system review


As I said earlier Save the marriage system is not something that can happen overnight and this is not a magic that can change everything in just a week or two. But eventually if you apply the Books principles everything can change and everything can be good if not, better.


When you started reading this book you will feel like having a conversation with Dr. Baucom. Its not boring at all so don’t worry to be bored.


While reading the book you will encounter a variety of actions that you should take, questions the you’ll need to answer and some Ideas that you need to think about.


I’m encouraging you to write down your thoughts and some good important lines in the book. So that if you read it again you have a summary of important one in your notebook. This is what I did to save more time reviewing the book again.


This course is more like a custom relationship workshop rather that just a course full of reading and theory.


What does the main e-book have?


The main e-book contains seventeen chapters with useful ideas on it, including a worksheet and supplemental chapters which explains some topic more carefully and more detailed because some of the topics are complicated so Dr. Baucom add this chapter to explain everything thoroughly.


Save the marriage system has three sections including:


  • The reasons why traditional couple’s therapy (marriage counseling) has a high rate of failure and what makes the save the marriage different from it.
  • How to create a new system of marriage. Where the focus is on “WE” instead of “You and Me”
  • Chapters of how to apply the new system of marriage to any kind of “marriage hot spots” such as Growth, finances and sex.



1. Why Traditional marriage counseling fails?

Saving the marriage system review

We had been on a marriage counseling before and I honestly think that it don’t help at all. Plus it was to expensive.


Ive done some research on why traditional marriage counseling fails and concluded that traditional counseling has a low success rate.


Dr. Baucom explains it why :


Lack of communication isn’t the problem. The lack of precision is.


We as a troubled couple in the past is communicating about the problems and issues in our relationship. I can say that are communication is fine and we talk about it a lot but we can’t fix the problem at all.


We go to a marriage counseling and said that our problem is communication. Which is not the problem totally because we have a proper communication.


And when I came across with Dr. Baucom “Save the marriage system” I learned that lack of perception is the problem.

I learned that we are not seeing the same issue in the same way and this is one of our problem. That we eventually fix with the help of “save the marriage system


The traditional counseling places too much attention with communication and focusing on correcting misperception, Dr.Baucom’s  course is different, it provides whole new framework to approach fixing a marriage.


2. “WE” not “You and Me”

Saving the marriage system review

There’s a common problem with a troubled individual. It is the individuals involved think of themselves as just — individuals, not a couple on a relationship. And this is one of the biggest and common problem of a marriage.


Individuals start to keep a ledger, as Dr. Baucom explains.


What are they contributing to the marriage to grow?


What are they getting back in return? Is it enough?

There’s no way a ledger will ever be equal. So if you think of your marriage on this kind of way. Then you’re always going to be unsatisfied.


You may feel your doing too much in your relationship and stop doing it by thinking that your partner is not doing enough and you’re getting tired.


Dr. Baucom course will tackle this kind of problem and guide you out of the “you/me trap” and will help you create a marriage around the “WE” zone.


3. The trouble zone of marriage.

Saving the marriage system review

Coming to this chapter of book means you understand the difference of WE instead of You/Me.


There are many chapters on the e-book. Which is specific common problems.


This includes:


  • Chapter 15 “sex is about “we”
  • Chapter 16 “ Money, Power and WE”
  • Chapter 17 “Don’t just grow, Evolve”


Every end of chapters you will see a practice lessons and sometime included with a work sheets and other informative activities.


What you will get?


There are four main modules and this materials are all written.


  • Module 1: “The top Five things NOT to do when your partner Wants out”
  • Module 2: “quick start guide to saving your marriage”
  • Module 3: “Down-N-Dirty Guide to Saving Your Marriage”
  • “Save the Marriage” e-book.

I can say that the “Save the marriage” e-book is worth the course alone.  There is just so much information on that e-book that it can be charge for a higher price.


In my point of view this product is too cheap in this kind of category. It has too many helpful tips and full of knowledge. I just cant spell it out more how good this product is. After all it helps me save my marriage.


Aside of getting the four main modules you also get four more bonuses.

The bonuses is as follows:


  • “Coping with a Mid Life Marriage Crisis” – audio course
  • Recovering from an Affair” – Audio course
  • “5 Rules for Fair Fighting” – e-report
  • Change of Heart” – bonus e-book by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault


Is “Save the marriage system” worth the value for money?


All I can say is YES.


A marriage counseling is averaging to about $75 – $150 per session. And advisable to go for at least 12 weeks of it. Which can cost you to about $900 – $1800 in 12 weeks. Which is very expensive for a very low success rate.


The “Save the marriage system” boasts a success rate of 89.9% or roughly 90% (based on 2018 survey)


That is approximately 9 out of 10 people who tried this is successful and having a happy life right no

w with his/her spouse.


For me I can say that the cost of “Save the marriage system” should be higher to about $400 – $500, because it is just so helpful to everyone who was a marriage problem.


But Dr. Baucom didn’t want to price this product high for the sole reason of he just want to help others fix there marriage.


The cost of “Save the marriage system” is only $47.

Save the marriage system review


Coming with a cheap price is a 60 day money back guarantee. In case you didn’t find it useful o


r helpful to your marriage.


Which I bet it will help you a lot. I have this confidence because I have been on your place before.


Pros and Cons:

Save the marriage system review



  • The information inside is presented in a clear, engaging way to fix your marriage. All the content of this course are all well researched, based on true to life examples and has gone to a deep stuff of academic study. But with Dr. Baucom’s help you’ll still find it all easy to understand and apply.


  • Step to step guide on how to save your marriage, when to start, and where you start fixing it. The course provides every details possible to surely fix your marriage.


  • The book is True about all things. Like fixing a marriage is tiring and is hard to fix. The course does not hide that fact. But this course is trying you to give hope and enough knowledge to keep you going to save your marriage.




  • Some bonuses material isn’t really necessary. As I said earlier the main e-book it self is so helpful that it is enough for the whole course. But the bonuses courses can be relatable to others. Still the information inside the bonus module is interesting.


  • The program is too focused on married couples. I think this can also apply to couples who is on a long term relationship or living in together.



Saving the marriage system review

“Save the marriage system” works. I’m one of those people that bought the course so I can say that this works and it has a very good content inside.


As I said I was a bit skeptical at first because of all the promises that I’m reading talking about this certain product.


In the end I bought it, applied it and test it. IT WORKS!!


This works on any kind of situation there is. This is how powerful this course of Dr. Baucom did. It is just magnificent.


I cant explain in words how good it is. All I can say is It really works.


If you’re finding a product that can save your marriage or relationship this is the most recommended product that I can advice for you. This help me fix  my marriage and I hope this help you fix yours too.


If your interested to this product you can watch the video and buy it on the link, just CLICK HERE.


Or you can click the button below:

Saving the marriage system review


My word of advice for you:


Take action right now. This is an honest review and I hope It helps you to take action and more importantly I hope this review helps you fix your marriage too. All I can say is that you’re one step away from fixing your marriage if you buy this product.